"I am a Bloody Mary Addict from Melbourne Australia.."

About Bloody Mary Melbourne

I am a Bloody Mary Addict from Melbourne Australia. I decided to start BMM as a side project to my day job as a designer. I have always been fond of a good Bloody Mary (regardless of hangover status or time of day) and since relocating to Melbourne a year ago I noticed that I had tried more than a few... and a few really really good ones, which I thought I ought to share.
How I rate
Although this topic is debatable.. I rate 3 basic areas to give a total score out of 5. Taste, Venue and Garnish. I believe these factors all contribute to whether I would come back to a place or tell my friends about; excellence and consistency in all areas. The key is in the balance of the flavors in the drink. It needs the right proportions of spice, sweetness, sharpness and sourness with a really good clean vodka to not take away from anything. A lot of places try too hard or not hard enough, and mess that balance up.
Follow my adventures all over Melbourne (and further a field) in pursuit of happiness in a glass. Have a place you think I should check out? contact me here.

Long live the Bloody Mary.
Cheers. B

The rating system

Outstanding, consistently. Great venue and Great tasting Bloody Marys on multiple occasions.

Excellent taste and venue. Would drink / have drank again. BM game is strong. Not quite a five due to glass size or price point.

Great classic taste and great venue - Would definitely come back and drink again..

Classic taste, good venue. Would drink again if I was in the area maybe.

Average taste and venue, nothing special, Would drink it again, but wouldn't go out of my way to go there.

Meh. Not great. Poor service/venue. Very average BM. No love.