About Bloody Mary Melbourne

Hi My name is Billie, I am a Bloody Mary addict from Melbourne Australia.
I have always been fond of a good Bloody Mary - regardless of hangover status or time of day. I started Bloody Mary Melbourne in the summer of 2015 whilst learning to code. A side project to my day job as a web designer, an excuse for weekend brunches, boozy afternoon adventures and an ode to the best chilled breakfast drink in town.

I rate 5 basic areas to give a total score out of 5. Taste, Size, Venue, Price and Presentation. I believe these factors all contribute to whether I would make the effort to come back to a place.

This site has seen a few different looks over the years, currently stripped back to the essentials while I work towards the end goal - Bloody Mary world wide, an index for All of The Bloody Mary’s crowed sourced, meaning - Anyone can submit tips and ratings for their fave places, because I cant be everywhere all at once.. Girls gotta dream right?
Until then, if theres somewhere you think I should check out slide into my DMs or tag me on the grams.

Long live the Bloody Mary.
Cheers. B